Smart City DPR and Draft RFP, and Voluntary Code of conduct for CCTV – Release of these documents under Creative Commons License in public domain

Many cities in the country are at various stages of rolling out city wide CCTV plans, with primary focus on Surveillance (Prevention and Investigations of Crimes), with additional usage in Traffic Management (including Evidence Based Challaning), Women Safety, Disaster management etc. A few cities are trying to use CCTV footage for better Garbage management, Road conditions etc. We believe that these CCTVs are only part of the story, and CCTVs put by Housing Societies, Restaurants, Hotels and other Public and Private entities should also be considered integral part of these operations. Hence a Voluntary Code of Conduct becomes important, for better standardization and sharing of data, and collaborative monitoring, while respecting privacy concerns of the citizens. We are happy to release a draft Document on this under Creative Commons License.

Further, the elements like Wi-Fi Mesh, multiple sensors like Weather parameters, GPS etc. can enhance the utilization of infrastructure set up for CCTV coverage, delivering benefits of high value at an incremental cost. Thus the Second document, which is being released under Creative Commons License, details out the main considerations required for the design and implementation of a CCTV based City Surveillance & Smart City Framework. It also gives an indicative list of minimum specifications and Bill of material that would be required for the setup of the system.

We will be happy if any city administration or any other Stakeholder across the country finds these documents useful. These can be freely shared, used, copied and modified.

(Rajesh Aggarwal)
Principal Secretary (IT)
Government of Maharashtra