Important GRs

The key hallmark policy decisions of e-Governance in Maharashtra are as follows:

S.No Title Date Pages
1 Circular for regular use of Information Technology 04/08/2009 1-2
2 GR for Department wise half percent provision of total budgetary allocation for e-governance 18/06/2010 3-8
3 Circular for use of e-mail to speed up the official working 11/02/2011 9-14
4 e-Governance policy of Government of Maharashtra 23/09/2011 15-30
5 Circular to celebrate 1st Saturday of month as Tech Saturday 05/10/2011 31-32
6 GR for utilisation of Setu fund Collected at Setu Centres 10/10/2011 33-38
7 GR for utilisation of Setu funds for Divisional Commissioner Office 03/03/2012 39-40
8 Instruction regarding implementation of e-governance policy 10/04/2012 41-48
9 GR for harmonisation of rates for online Government services 23/05/2012 49-54
10 GR for implementation of NIC e-office software in Government working 06/08/2012 55-58
11 GR for implementation of NIC e-office in all department, local bodies, Corporation etc. 09/08/2012 59-60
12 GR for mandatory use of e-Tendering for tenders of Rs. 10 lakh and above work 19/01/2013 61-62
13 GR regarding Computer qualification examination 04/02/2013 63-70
14 Circular for promoting Marathi language option for data-entry work 06/02/2013 71-74
15 Guidelines for Implementation of CCTV Cameras in Government Office 04/03/2013 75-78
16 Circular for student internship with Setu societies 12/03/2013 79-80
17 Guidelines for effective implementation of e-office system 20/08/2013 81-88
18 GR for data-entry of various scheme using village level Sangram Kendras 16/09/2013 89-92
19 GR for Aadhaar letter printing 20/09/2013 93-96
20 Advisory to all Government Department regarding e-mail, Website, Hosing etc. 30/09/2013 97-100
21 GR for self declaration in lieu of Affidavit for the services provided through Maha-e-Seva Centres, Setu Centres, e-Districts etc. 15/10/2013 101-102
22 Advisory regarding website development 29/11/2013 103-108
23 GR for use of Maharashtra Government e-KYC Services 07/01/2014 109-112
24 Guidelines of Indian Government Website, Localisation Guidelines   113-126

S.No Title Date PDF Size (KB)
25 Performance in e-governance is a mandatory component of Performance Appraisal Report (PAR) of all India Services Officers of Government of Maharashtra 10/02/2010 78.8
26 Marathi has been made the first and mandatory language in all e-Governance initiatives through the section 6.1 in e-Governance Policy 23/09/2011 603.16
27 All the IT related projects should be approved by Project Implementation Committee (PIC) if the budget is more than ₹10 lakhs but less than ₹5 crores and by the High Power Committee (HPC) if the budget is more than ₹5 crores. This results in fast tracking of IT initiatives as well as periodic review of them. These directions have been issued through the section 12.7 in e-Governance Policy 23/09/2011 239.1
28 A Cabinet Subcommittee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Hon. Shri. Balasaheb Thorat, Minister, Revenue & Khar Land, for monitoring & enhancing the implementation of e-governance initiatives in the state 28/09/2011 24.56
29 Sixteen Revenue services including Income Certificates, Residence Certificates, Age, Nationality and Domicile Certificates, Solvency Certificates, Senior Citizen, Birth, Death Certificates, etc., have been standardized across all districts in Maharashtra. For these services, Application Form, Supporting document, Approval Process, Fees & Certificate format have been made uniform across Maharashtra. This is an important step towards ensuring better services to citizens. This would definitely ensure hassle free services to citizens 31/03/2012 3.13
30 Rates of G2C services provided through different delivery mechanisms like CSCs, Sangrams, Setu, Mahaonline etc. have been harmonized all across the Maharashtra state. Now, same fee shall be charged to citizen irrespective of delivery mode 23/05/2012 339.13
31 e-Office solution developed by NIC has been made mandatory in all Government Department in Mantralaya from 1st January, 2013 09/08/2012 885.71
32 a) In order to increase the UID enrolments, the following landmark decisions were taken by Government of Maharashtra
  i) Any of the empanelled agencies of UIDAI may start enrolment in various districts of Maharashtra as per L1 rates. 06/09/2012 2345
  ii) Mahaonline to establish 200 enrolment kits across the state. This was decided by Apex Committee for UID on 13th December, 2012.    
  iii) District Collectors may appoint local agencies for enrolment of UID as per L1 rates. This was decided by Apex Committee for UID on 13th December, 2012 for four districts. Following this, on 9th Jan, 2013, in the Video Conference between Hon. Chief Secretary & District Collectors it was decided to apply this to all districts.    
  b) In order to ease the procedural aspects in enrolment of UID, the following landmark judgements were taken:
  i) Supervisors of enrolment agencies can act as verifiers for enrolment of UID. 30/08/2012 979.74
  ii) Non state Registrars can set up enrolment centres through their enrolment agencies by updating the QAMIS Portal of UIDAI and informing the District Collector / Municipal Commissioner. No prior approval will be needed for the same. 31/10/2012 1034.24
  iii) In order to enhance the quality of Aadhaar enrolment centres, Mahaonline & Yashada have been appointed to conduct survey of UID enrolment centres. The survey is conducted with help of the tablet based software application developed by State Government.    
33 Citizens can now get printouts of their respective Aadhaar letters at ₹2 at any of the MahaeSeva Kendras (CSCs, Setu, Sangrams etc.) 05/12/2012 216.45
34 To release Grants to Rajiva Gandhi Science and Technology commission for the year 2013-14 28/03/2014 1401
35 State e-Governance Priorities 2014-15 03/05/2014 547
36 Regarding Online Receipt and payment of EMD and Tender fee through NIC e-tender Portal and remittance to relevant account head 06/06/2014 99
37 Constitution of Committee to Supervise Government Websites 21/06/2014 128
38 Regarding- Empanelment of Consultants for e-Governance in GoM 01/07/2014 587
39 To make available Grants, Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission for the Year 2014-15 16/07/2014 201
40 To Sanction Core Staff for Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission 23/07/2014 147
41 Regarding online receipt and payment of EMD and Tender fee through Sify/Nextenders etender portal and remittance to relevant account head 13/08/2014 362
42 List of Empaneled Mobile Application Developers and Guidelines for Mobile Application Development 02/09/2014 541
43 Establishment of Maha e-Seva Kendra 05/09/2014 445
44 e -Tendering for Rs 3 Lakh and above Work 26/11/2014 274
45 Appointment of Chairman for Committee to supervise Government website 26/11/2014 124
46 e-Auction Implementation 03/12/2014 174
47 e -Tendering for Rs 3 Lakh and above Work 18/12/2014 411
48 To Release Grant to Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission for the year 2014-15 30/12/2014 154
49 Use of RuPay Cards in Government Scheme 07/01/2015 1338
50 e-Governance Award - Category Confirmation 07/01/2015 173
51 Regarding- Empanelment of Consultants for e-Governance in GoM 08/01/2015 272
52 Guidelines Regarding Internet Bandwidth Procurement of 10 Mbps and Above 22/01/2015 91
53 Harmonisation of Rate of service charges for services offered through Setu Kendra 09/02/2015 437
54 To Provide Computer/Laptop/Tablet/IPad to Government Officials/Employees 09/02/2015 140
55 To make available Grants Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission for the year 2014-15 30/03/2015 155
56 State level Digital India Committee 31/03/2015 377
57 Harmonisation of Rate of service charges for services offered through Setu Kendra 01/04/2015 153
58 The latest email policy applicable to all Maharashtra state government employees was released on 1st March, 2012. The policy provided guidelines for usage of e-mail messaging solution implemented by Government of Maharashtra including naming convention, password policy, security, data retention, data backup etc.    
59 All the Sangram Kendras operators have been made eligible to work as Business Correspondents (BCs) of banks. Further, Sangram Kendras will offer B2C Services in collaboration with CSC SPV. MoU to this effect was signed between Mahaonline and CSC SPV on 17th December, 2012.