The Government of Maharashtra provides various types of scholarships for the educational empowerment of students under the management and supervision of the School Education Department of Maharashtra.

The department used maintain a manual system for the implementation of these scholarships, but this proved to be extremely time consuming and is prone to errors and duplication. Given the constraints, it decided to launch an E-scholarship management system for scholarship application, review and disbursal. The E-scholarship Management System (EMS) aims to facilitate end-to-end, transparent and rapid delivery of scholarships.

The system is designed under guidance from Directorate of Information Technology, to automate, streamline & effectively manage the Processes related to Application Receipt, Processing, Sanction and Disbursal of various Scholarships, to Students. Using the automated scholarship management system, the Government of Maharashtra would avoid duplication and errors and would ensure a transparent, speedy and accurate delivery of the scholarship to the student. It would also enable the students of Maharashtra from Class I upto Class XII to apply for the Fee reimbursement and Scholarship scheme online through a portal and to get rid of the old manual system of filling the manual application forms.

The brief feature-set of EMS are:
  • Online receipt of Scholarship application
  • Online approval from the authorized personnel
  • Automated generation of bills and treasury details
  • Scholarship renewal year on year
  • MIS Reports
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Master database management
  • Merit List generation
  • Merit List approval
  • Generation of disbursement list for ECS payment
  • Generation of proformas for various departments

The Benefits

The benefits of the scholarship project are:
  • More number of Applicants : It would make the application process easier which would increase the total number of applicants
  • Ease of use and efficiency: The automatic system would make the process very simple to operate for all stakeholders from students to government officials. It shall drastically cuts down the time taken to manually process and submit scholarships applications. The management of the scheme has become significantly more effective.
  • Transparency: Publication of records on the website makes a transparent system. The frequent updates of scholarship status shall eliminate all disputes and subjectivity in awarding scholarships. Further students can track their application from anywhere and at anytime and shall instantly informed via SMS once scholarship get transferred to their bank account preventing scope of malpractice.
  • Accuracy: The automated rule engine would help in generating merit list and selecting exact number of students based on scholarship schemes and eligibility rules, providing accurate calculations, so as to make sure that the exact deserved amount is reimbursed to the students.
  • Online Payment: Online payment via ECS/NEFT/RTGS ensures a quick and transparent disbursement process.

eScholarship Website:

The E-scholarship website provides all the required details for application including information about scholarship schemes, documents required, application procedure and status of application.